Which Movie to Watch Today

Find out which movie to watch today - Each genre has its own audio as well
by Hassan Jaffer

12 Movie Genres 12 Themes

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Action Action and Adventure, Heroic Mood, Race Cars, Aviation IMDB Movies Netflix
History Old Time Romance, Traditional, Roots and History IMDB Movies Netflix
Comedy Light Hearted Comedy, Cartoons, Comic Characters IMDB Movies Netflix
Family Home and Family Values, Patriotic, Memories Important IMDB Movies Netflix
Dramatic Big Theatrical, Dramatic, Royalty, Monarchs, Castles, Honor, Pride IMDB Movies Netflix
Service Cinderalla Type, Maids, Farmers, Country, Fold, Selfless, Common folks IMDB Movies Netflix
Romance Love and Romance, Weddings, Artistic, Law and Justice IMDB Movies Netflix
Mystery Dark, Intense, Deep, Suspence, Spies, Intrigue, Mafia, Power, Mystery IMDB Movies Netflix
Motivational Philosophical, Motivating, Religious, Foreigners, Travel IMDB Movies Netflix
Corporate Ambitious, Long Range Planning, Hard Working,
Responsible, Goal Oriented
IMDB Movies Netflix

Unconventional, Inventive, Community,
Social Issues, Erratic, Futuristic, Networking

IMDB Movies Netflix
Fantasy Romantic Tragedy, Musical, Ocean, Emotional,
Children, Inspirational, Sacrifice
IMDB Movies Netflix
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